"There's a big difference between owning your property and your property owning you."
The "You'll never lift a finger" plan.

We can do everything. Mowing, keeping your pots beautiful and removing every tiny blade of grass that sneaks between the paving bricks. All you have to do is enjoy your yard.

The "We'll do the heavy lifting "plan.

Spring and fall clean-up and all the essential maintenance in between. Let us get up on the ladders, pull the weeds and take over the back breaking work.

The "Call us when you need us" plan.

Need sprucing up for a backyard party? Finding you just don't have the time for a spring cleaning? Going out of town for a while? Give us a buzz and we'll come by.

Currently our hourly rate is set at $24.00 per man hour. This is competitive with most every professional landscaping company.

The key word here is professional. The Schloss crew brings years of professional experience to every job.

About our rates...